The waxing Birmingham Hub is the first hair removal salon in Birmingham City Centre dedicated to just hair removal Any Where You Want It!
Situated in the heart of Birmingham the waxing hub focuses only on removing unwanted hair with a combination of old school traditional techniques and advanced laser hair removal technology. Unlike other beauty salons which could be considered jacks of all trades but masters of none here at the hub our salon therapists devote their days getting rid of hair for both male and female within a quirky, comfortable and fun environment.
Making bookings for your waxing, laser hair removal or eyebrow shaping couldn’t be any easier using the hubs online booking system.


The Experts in Female and Male Waxing Birmingham Any Where You Want It!
Unlike most salons we follow a no double dipping policy for female and male waxing Birminghamclients and do not skimp and scrape on the quality of our products we work with. Thats why we use the elite brand of waxing and hair removal products called ‘’Lycon’’ for all our female and male waxing Birmingham clients designed to prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful stings associated with cheap waxing products.
Amazingly the hot waxing we use will remove short and stubborn hair as short as 1mm leaving your skin silky smooth with no sticky residue. The variety of waxing products our profession therapists will be working with at Hub will be chocolate, berry, lavender, active gold and the new olive oil all designed to make hair removal less painful and more comfortable with unbeatable results.
All the staff at the waxing hub are Lycon trained and certified to ensure that you as a customer feel minimal discomfort during your session and we’re great at making all female and male waxing Birmingham newbies feel comfortable and relaxed during their first visit.


Weather you are looking for bikini wax or a male back and chest wax look no further. The waxing hub are the experts in hair removal with qualified therapists operating to the highest standard of hygiene and care leaving your skin silky smooth. The quality of products we use is the elite brand “Lycon’’designed to make treatments easier, virtually pain free and removing hairs as short as 1mm.


Most of our competitors use a cheap static hair laser for semi permanent hair removal. Sorry not here at the Hub we use ''Elase Motif'' technology no other machine comes close. The Elase allows us to move the device anywhere you want it allowing the hair follicles to heat gradually giving you a painless and cooling sensation and laser hair removal experience.


  • 80 Britol Street Birmingham B5 7AH